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about the festival

Imagine a festival in the middle of the dunes where it's all about love, passion and freedom. Learning new things, listening to nice music, eating the best food and sharing the vibe with beautiful individuals from all around the world. It is what we love most that we've brought together into an one-weekend-experience of pure good life.

12,13,14th of june 2015 in the dunes of Bloemendaal|Netherlands



What is Surfana Festival?
Surfana Festival is a unique 3-day festival in the middle of the dunes at Camping de Lakens in Bloemendaal aan Zee. During the festival you can participate in lots of clinics, listen to great live music, eat delicious food and share the good vibes with likeminded individuals from all around the world.

When is Surfana Festival?
This year’s festival will be held on june 12, 13 and 14, 2015. You are welcome to the festival and the campsite from friday (june 12) at 14:00.
For people with a weekendticket the final checkout time will be on monday (june 15) at 10:00. This way you can still fully enjoy the sunday night of the festival, without having to worry to pack up and head home on sunday!
During the festival, on friday and saturday, the gates of the campsite will close at 22:00, so make sure you've checked in and setted up your tent or parked your campervan before that time!

Where is Surfana Festival?
The festival is being held in the middle of the dunes on Camping de Lakens in Bloemendaal aan Zee. How to get there? Look for: Zeeweg 60, 2051 EC Bloemendaal aan Zee. What is included in a normal 'Weekendticket’?
A normal weekendticket includes full access to all 3 days of the festival and includes a tent spot on the campsite. Please be aware that the ticketprice is per person, meaning that if you want to share a tent you both have to buy a ticket.

What is included in a campervan 'Weekendticket’?
A campervan weekendticket includes full access to all 3 days of the festival and includes a campervan spot on the campsite. Please be aware that the ticketprice is per person, meaning that if you want to share a campervan you both have to buy a ticket.

Are the clinics included?
Most clinics are not included in the ticket price. They are however way cheaper then normal, meaning you get to learn a lot of new things for just a couple of Surfani coins.

Bringing your tent for the weekend:
If you bring a tent, please bring a tent which is properly sized to the amount of people that will sleep in it, so there will be plenty of room for everyone to create their nice little home in the dunes for the weekend.

How do I pay at the festival?
The festival works with Surfani coins, which can be bought on the festival.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?
Sure, but they will only be allowed on the campsite. On the festival terrain itself we’ll treat you with great food and plenty of drinks to choose from.
Please take note: On Camping de Lakens it is not allowed to cook with open fire.

What about drugs?
Please be advised, apart from it being illegal by Dutch law, that we at Surfana Festival go "au naturale" and we would appreciate it if you would too. So no drugs, no dope, just the essence of good life.

Can I bring my dog or other pet?
We’re afraid not, the camping has a strict policy which doesn’t allow dogs or other pets.

Can play/hang around/chill in the dunes?
Yes you may, but only within the fences of the camping and the festival terrain. It is NOT allowed to the dunes by climbing/passing any of the fences. The dunes are fragile and part of a protected nature reserve, so respect this rule. If you want some privacy for a 'nightly walk’ we can advise the beach ;)

Can I bring my kids?
Sure! You can bring your little ones up to 12 years old for free. Kids from 13 to 18 will only have access with a valid ticket AND only when accompanied by an adult!

What is the minimum age to come by myself?
The minimum age when not accompanied by an adult is 18 years old. We will be checking for ID's at the entrance.

Where will I be able to park my car?
First of all, we'd like you to advice to come by public transport since parking spots on the campsite are quite limited. Because of this, we can only allow those with early bird weekendtickets or regular weekendtickets to park their car at Camping de Lakens. On arrival you can buy a parking ticket for €10,- which will allow you to park your car on designated parking spots throughout Camping de Lakens for the weekend. Please note that parking your car at your tent is not allowed.
People having daytickets or passepartouts can park their cars at the big parking spots at Bloemendaal aan Zee, which is just a 5 min walk through the dunes from the festival. How do I get at the festival by public transpot?
It's easy! Either get to Haarlem NS station or Zandvoort NS station by train and hop on the bus 81. The bus stops directly in front of Camping de Lakens (busstop "de Lakens"). Can I be a volunteer at Surfana Festival?
Yes you can! Fill in the form at our contact page and we’ll get in contact.

How do I stay up to date?
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About Surfana
Surfana is a surf and good life collective founded in the summer of 2007.  The motivation of collective was nothing more than a desire to be happy. Our love, passion and freedom mentality soon gave us wings which resulted in several surfschools, camps, surftrips and a surf retreat in bali. In 2013 we felt we had to celebrate and organized the now much beloved Surfana Festival!
Want more information about the other parts of the Surfana Collective? Visit our website.