5 Years Surfana Festival

By June 16, 2017News

2011 - The first unofficial edition

Together with Saiko we organised a small gathering with surf and snow minded folks. Around 40 people turned up. Great vibes and an intimate and wild party.


2013 - First official edition

Let's start a festival! We had 3 months of preparation invited a lot of our friends, made a website, booked some artists. The result was awesome. Surfana Festival was a fact.


2014 Second edition

After a slow start, we contracted a great booker who booked the first international bands. Oka, Caravana Sun, Lyall Maloney and Meta and the Cornerstones made it hard not to dance till the very end.


2015 - third edition

2015 was the year of the phenomenal show of My Baby. With more than 20 clinics, our clinic concept also became a big success.


2016 - Fourth edition

Besides great shows from Sean Koch, Son Mieux and Lucky Fonz our oldest Surfani's created classic all day and night entertainment with their brilliant Pirate Radio show. They made the 2016 edition magic.


6 years ago we organized a small party in the dunes. 4 years ago the first official edition took place. Each year more and more people found out about the magic of this special event.

We are thankful to all of you that made it possible for us to keep organizing Surfana Festival and really can’t wait for next week to celebrate 5 years of love, passion, and freedom in the dunes of Bloemendaal aan Zee together.

Love, Surfana

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