Book Your Clinics

You can book clinics in 3 different ways.

  1. Through our website (see below)
  2. Through the Mindbody website (search for surfana clinics –> go to classes / handy if you want to book for multiple people)
  3. Through the Mindbody app

We use the Mindbody booking system. Make sure you use the same login everywhere so you have all your bookings in one place. If you already have a Mindbody account, we advise you to use that one.

Please be aware that on the Surfana Clinics 17′ app an option exists to increase the number of bookings, although if you increase the number any higher than 1 it will go onto your account as credit and not as valid bookings. If you have made a booking for a clinic for you and your friends/family via the branded app for more than one person, please head over to to double check that your booking/s is a valid reservation for multiple people and that it hasn’t gone onto your account as credit. –> Login –> ‘My Info’ –> ‘Account (to view all of your booking statuses) 

If you have booked classes and it appears as extra credit, you may use this credit to to book the remaining spots you originally intended at the classes tab.

‘Classes’ –> Look-up Lesson –> ‘Sign-up’ –> (credit card details should not be requested should you have existing credit available) –> Make the reservation. This process will need to be repeated for each extra person you are making the booking for.

If you run into capacity issues please contact us immediately.

To make valid bookings via the branded app you’ll need to make an individual booking for each person with their own personal details.

If you get stuck or run into any problems please see Mindbody Support regarding booking credit otherwise shoot us a mail at

Website Bookings

Use the tabs to narrow down your search to Classes, Therapists, Categories, Days and/or Time of Day. Once you have found a class you are interested in, it’s as simple as clicking SIGN UP and following the prompts that follow to pay and confirm your booking.