Plantage Onverwacht

Our favo rock-and-roll chef, René Pique will set foot at Surfana Festival once again. Together with his crew he will serve you messy nachos, the ultimate Surfana Burger from the ‘Burning Van’ and finger lickin’ good fries. | Instagram | Facebook

Friedhats Coffee Caravan

A garage, two guys and a coffee roaster makes Friedhats Coffee Roasters. If you need your taste buds to wake up, the Friedhats are your men. Dutch Barista Champion Lex and Aussie Dylan will make you a mind blowing cappuccino and will bring a lot of positivity and fun into your day. Check them out! | Instagram | Facebook

Cocos Locos

Like last year, Cocos Locos provides us with tropical Surfana coconuts. With our Surfana logo marked in the coconut, you can enjoy the most natural thirst quencher. Oh so delicious and it will kill your thirst, for sure. | Instagram | Facebook

Koffie Leute

Koffie Leute will be serving us their fine filter coffee, espresso’s and homemade chai once again. They have been with us from the start and together with Koffie Leute we will celebrate our 5th anniversary! Be very welcome! | Instagram | Facebook


We serve three different soups from light to filling with beautiful and varied toppings. Almost everything is organic and vegetarian and the packages are fully compostable. | Instagram | Facebook

Bitter & Real coffee truck

Like drinking coffee at your favourite coffee bar, we work with high quality single-source coffee from Man met Bril brewed with a Kees van der Westen Spirit Espresso machine. Expect the usual cappuccinos, espressos and flat whites, as well as some specialities, freshly baked croissants, homemade biscuits and sweets, homemade granola with yogurt and fresh fruit.

We work with all organic local ingredients and the fruit and herbs we use come from our own garden! | Instagram | Facebook

Rammenas Roots Kitchen

Not into meat? No problemo. The boys from Rammenas will grill you the best vegan burgers in town. With the ‘Kidney Houston’ or the ‘Kale Bambi’, you will be all set for the night. Definite go, even if you’re a real carnivore.


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Bombascha: Poffertjes & Koffie

Bombascha is a mobile community which creates a special, unique atmosphere wherever they go. They will serve you coffee with a story and always with a smile. Don’t forget to try their typical Dutch poffertjes where kids, as well as grown up kids:), go crazy for. | Instagram | Facebook


Paired with a good wine, some delicious bread and fresh salad, take your seat around a dining table fit for 50 people. Nothing beats eating mussels fresh from the sea, in the Dutch dunes, surrounded by great people!

Ecopizza: Pizza

Toine, the original Camping de Lakens pizza man, will serve you the ultimate wood oven pizza with the best topping you can think of. With his self-sufficient pizza van and his buona pizza’s Toine brings you a bit of the Provence and Cote d’ Azur. | Facebook

Sgt. Pepper

Sergeant Pepper makes Indian food with his own twist. How do we do that? We make everything ourselves, from spice mix to pickles, from curry to kulfi. We only work with fresh ingredients and preferably with fair and seasonal products.


Where Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine meets! Think big beautiful bowls of couscous, spicy kefta, colourful vegetable spreads, tasteful falafel with hummus as well as plenty of other dishes stuffed with vegetables, fresh herbs & spices, orangeblossomwater, harissa, dates, figs and almonds.

This is certainly the pace to eat if you’re looking for a big meal with a big flavour!

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