Surfana Festival 2017 is happening a little over a month from now so we thought why not throw a pre-party to get everyone in the mood.

|•| Music 18:00-00:00 |•|

The Skeggs (AUS)

Skegss the Byron Bay three piece have taken the world by storm (Australia & America only). Skegss have developed a cult following and a culture and movement that fans have related to and turned out in numbers to with sold out shows in Australia, San Diego, New York & Brooklyn. Being invited to record their debut EP at the Rubber Tracks Converse studio in New York Skegss took the opportunity to lay the unique sound that they have become so well known to their fans for.

The Stangs: (NL)

The Stangs is a Beat group from the Hague. By combining influences from the sixties with sounds inspired by the Dutch west coast, they create their own genre called Dune Beat. Expect jangly guitar and organ riffs backed by a melodic bass and swinging drums, yet still leaving room for harmonies with the occasional shout.

Dj ViktorBaja

Vik is as much Surfana Festival as the sand between your toes. He has got this special gift to effortless, while casually smoking a cigarette, mix in a song you didn’t even know you wanted to hear until it’s there, soothing your senses and moving your feet. We’re happy to have Viktor’s infinite positivity and beautiful smile on our stage throughout the whole weekend playing whatever kind of tunes are just right for the moment!

|•| Tickets |•|

Entrance: 10,-
Entrance + Food* 15,-

*BBQ, Vegetarian BBQ or a Pesto Pasta



|•| Surf-Clinics (16:00-20:00) |•|

Together with Surfana Zandvoort we introduce

Volleyball | 16:00 – 18:00 | Free
Surf 25% discount
Supping 25% discount
BigSup 25% discount
Rafting 25% discount

Book your clinics via and state your clinic together with the SF-PRE-PARTY code for 25% discount.

To the beach !!!!
YEwwwwwww !!!

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