A Little Bit About Surfana Festival

It’s our philosophy to live happily, to enjoy life to the utmost – and to share our lifestyle with others. Our success is simply based on a combination of surf and sport activities on the one hand, and a healthy lifestyle around nature on the other. Located near the beach and the beautiful dunes of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, here people are able to enjoy a simple and unique lifestyle among others who share the same vibe!

We decided to create an event that reflects the whole Surfana ideology. Thus Surfana Festival was born! It was here we brought together all our love and passion into a one-weekend experience of pure ‘Good Life’. It’s a festival to celebrate our lifestyle but also to inspire more people to choose a life based on happiness instead of work.

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Meet the team

Maarten Zwetsloot

Creative Leader

I've been doing business in the surf industry for several years under the motto 'love, passion, freedom'. Love for the people around you, passion for what you do and freedom in your choices for happiness. In recent years I've focused mainly on the sporting and social aspect of surf culture, but with Surfana Festival I've delved deeper into the cultural aspects that surround it such as music, art and nature.

Jorgo Tanis

Business Leader

Business leader Surfana Festival Foundation. Ensures that all the finer details of the festival run according to the book. Not the most stimulating of work, but the most important in order for Surfana Festival to be the unprecedented spectacle it is!

Looks like a charger in big waves, but can usually be found lounging in a hammock, laptop near by, reaping all the benefits of a digital nomad.

Sebastian Staines

IT & Communication

Back for a second year running IT & Communication. The website is my baby, I ensure all technological and digital aspects of the festival are running optimally. I also head up the social media channels, advise in marketing and brand management. You'll probably see me at the festival running around, camera in hand.

Semoira Stomp

Partners & Sponsors

Love for events, outdoors, the sea and of course surfing. Enjoying the little things in life. The link between Surfana and organizations that have a shared passion and vision with us. Together were stronger.

Annemieke Olthuijs

Clinics Producer

Last year Annemieke got struck by the good vibes of Surfana Festival. Curious after all types of new ideas young entrepreneurs are coming up with and keen on connecting them with an audience, she got involved as this years clinic producer.

Sara van der Wees

Food & Art

I love everyone this year by ensuring all the delicious food that will be available at the festival. In addition, I am involved in various artistic trips that can be found at the festival. I love good food but also I hope we can stay on this planet for a long time. For this reason, sustainability is also an important spearhead.

Lucy Zuiderwijk

Music Programmer

Since 2016 she is the Music Programmer of Surfana Festival.
Lucy, owner of Hummingbird Music, Bookings & Events, loves to connect bands to an audience.
Every day she searches for good artists from all over the world to come and play for you!

Jamy Gallmann

Volunteer Coordinator

Hi I'm Jamy, a leisure management student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. A study that combines management skills and creativity. As a way to further develop this skill set and she will be responsible for volunteer coordination at Surfana Festival.

Tomas Grootveld

Fulltime Lifestyler

Goes on outdoor adventures whenever possible (@iseastories). Loves to entertain and spread good vibes. Knows a thing or two about building stages and has been with Surfana for 9 years.

Lifestyler Radio

Party Starters

This collective of lifestylers is on a mission to entertain you. After their legendary Pirate Radio & Lighthouse Radio stages, their latest project will surely not disappoint you. Expect catchy tunes, performances and full time entertainment from these guys.

Paper Island

Creative Explorers

Paper Island is a team of creative explorers founded by Niels de Waard and Ralf van Pelt. If you remember last year’s after hours you know what these guys are about. Mood engineers by heart, music connaisseurs by nature and probably the lousiest surfers on the festival, these guys are all about taking the tropical vibe to the dunes of Surfana Festival. Equipped with urban jetski’s and and a truck full of ambiance Paper Island hits the shores yet again. Welcome to the resort!

Ruben Heineman


From childhood I have been a social animal. Not only a social animal but also an animal that is always on the road. In this sense I've experienced a lot, from crazy parties to cool road trips. All these adventures have been accompanied by my passions: skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. With my internship I started to develop my passion into a lifestyle. A lifestyle in which I can realize my dreams.