Connecting people and ideas

The Art Area

During Surfana Festival, six visual artists will be live at work in an open workplace/art gallery. Through their work they will draw awareness to how big a problem plastic is for our oceans. The aim of the art project is to carry out the message that ‘plastic can and will ruin our planet’.

Throughout the festival the audience can anonymously bid on the artworks and at the end of the festival the person with the highest bid can take it home. Half of the bid amount will go to the artist that committed themselves during the festival to promote this message, the other half will go to the By The Ocean We Unite Foundation.

Artist to be announced!

Life through a lens

The Goodlife Photo Exhibition

Surf. What does it give you? What does it show you? In what way does the love of surfing and nature affect your perspective on this world? The purpose of The Goodlife Photo Exhibition is to offer a diversity of perspectives on surfing and sharing. Where surfing gives something different and shows something different, it is precisely this diversity and versatility that makes this love and passion so special.

The Goodlife Photo Exhibition extends the festival with a look through the lenses of various surf photographers and inspires everyone to look at the world around us not only from your own point of view, but also from other angles. Various photo series can be admired throughout the festival grounds. Each series from another photographer with a different story.

Photographers to be announced!