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The Art Area

During Surfana Festival, six visual artists will be live at work in an open workplace/art gallery. Through their work they will draw awareness to how big a problem plastic is for our oceans. The aim of the art project is to carry out the message that ‘plastic can and will ruin our planet’.

Throughout the festival the audience can anonymously bid on the artworks and at the end of the festival the person with the highest bid can take it home. Half of the bid amount will go to the artist that committed themselves during the festival to promote this message, the other half will go to the By The Ocean We Unite Foundation.

Afke Kuyper

I would initially describe myself as an illustrator. But also as a painter. Writer. Artist. Give me a brush and I'm happy. Pen and paper is my favorite animal.

About the subject:
Plastic waste did not initially have my full attention. But waste is. And the damage that can bring wastefulness, indifference and ignorance to it certainly. So from that perspective, I would very much like to contribute to raise the awareness.

Jesse Nelson van den Broek

As an Artist I find it important to bring joy and energy.

Although ‘plastic waste’ is a serious problem Art is a wonderful way to raise awareness. Participating at Surfana I contribute my creativity to the united struggle against ‘plastic waste’.

Using waste to create art is at the same time a salute to my African childhood where we created toys out of waste.

Please let me introduce myself.

I am Jesse Nelson van den Broek, born in Yaoundé (1988), Cameroon. I am a Dutch Artist / Product Designer with a passion for raw materials and fine craftsmanship.

In Cameroon, as a child, I loved watching local artisan. Their creativity and joyful lifestyle inspired me to live my own creative life. At the moment I am working on a serie of contemporary African masks.

Richard van der Weide

I like to be inspired by the old masters and the old ornamental detail work of the past. By using modern techniques and using these with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship, for art, the most detailed ornaments are created. During Surfana I intend to use these ornaments as a mouthpiece for the importance of awareness about plastic waste.

During my travels I have seen how devastating it is with the pollution of our planet. I have been to places where you can almost walk on the water through all the plastic waste that is floating.

Because of my background as a graphic designer, my work consists mainly of two-dimensional art. I combine hand-drawn subjects with digital art.

My role as an artist is to have a conversation with the observer. I hope that I can raise the awareness and the will of action to prevent more plastic waste.

Malika Dröge

To call myself an artist is difficult. In terms of art and technology, I am not yet where I want to be, but art is an outlet for me. I think it is important that art has a message and when I do something I try to ensure that it conveys a message. Music is a great source of inspiration for me when it comes to art, but I also find social issues important. For me, art is a language that nobody speaks but everyone understands. A fantasy world where you can escape from the real world. Plastic waste is something that appeals to me because I think the earth is the most impressive work of art, but we are all wasting this piece of art, I find that awful. You do not walk with dirty feet over a Van Gogh either? We all have to do our bit by thinking about how we consume and produce to keep the earth as beautiful as possible. After all, we can be extremely grateful that we are allowed to see and experience this artwork day in and day out, so let's keep this artwork clean.

Tom Kraanen

Tom Kraanen is a self-taught visual artist primarily focussed on painting. Having started off painting surrealistic portraits using shadows, his paintings now are far more realistic and are characterized by more depth and texture. He continues working on the concept of exploring the differences between inspiration and plagiarism resulting in bold and bright paintings involving many different sources and styles.

Besides creating his own work Kraanen has also been commissioned by Diesel, Vogue, Supperclub Amsterdam and others to provide his recognizable style to their brand or product.

As far as the theme of plastic waste is concerned: since my young adulthood, I am very much concerned with my impact on our planet and how my lifestyle influences this. For a long time I have been working on the clothes I buy / wear, what I eat and the recycling of my waste. Previously, 'nature' was also a clear visual theme in my earlier work. For example, I often painted characters who in a certain way cherished and experienced their relationship to their natural environment.

Life through a lens

The Goodlife Photo Exhibition

Surf. What does it give you? What does it show you? In what way does the love of surfing and nature affect your perspective on this world? The purpose of The Goodlife Photo Exhibition is to offer a diversity of perspectives on surfing and sharing. Where surfing gives something different and shows something different, it is precisely this diversity and versatility that makes this love and passion so special.

The Goodlife Photo Exhibition extends the festival with a look through the lenses of various surf photographers and inspires everyone to look at the world around us not only from your own point of view, but also from other angles. Nine photo series can be admired throughout the festival grounds. Each series from another photographer with a different story.


Name: Damian Davila

Name: Emma Te Hietbrink

Name: Kim Hanskamp

Name: Lotte de Graaf

Name: Maarten Zwetsloot

Name: Riemkje Poortinga

Name: Rudi Dubrovnik

Name: Sebastian Staines

Name: Tomas Grootveld