Food at The Festival

There will be plenty to do during the festival and sufficient energy is paramount! Which is why we’ve made the best selection of tasty food offerings possible! The food line-up will consist of several caterers who will provide the festival visitors with food made with a lot of passion and love.

Diversity and sustainability are central, meaning all cutlery will be reusable in an effort to minimize waste to the max and food on offer is more about taste and sustainable food sources.

From the early morning wake ups with a cup of coffee and a breakfast, till late at night gluttony, we’ve got you covered. A food line-up to get your taste buds tingling.

Zetsetting Organic Coffee Bar


A mobile espresso bar that works with only organic products. With an espresso machine that can run on both electricity and LPG, and a solar panel on the roof of the old timer fire truck they try, wherever possible, to have the least possible impact on the environment.

De Strandbar

Juices, Smoothies & Cocktails

The most unique and most beautiful mobile bar in the Netherlands. When the sun is shining, they will go out completely! They have a fantastic formula with smoothies, slow juice, Frozen Yogurt, gazpacho, salad & cocktail plates. But they can also put a nice cup of chai tea or mint tea for you. They also serve great sangria's with a secret recipe.

Caravana de Carmen

Stroop Waffles & Waffle Lolly's

My name is Carmen and I live with my husband and 3 children in Haarlem. It started with my passion for cooking and my love to get in touch with people. I was immediately sold when I encountered the blue Eiffel country from 1971. It all fell on his place. A nice food caravan, a delicious / honest product and happy and friendly people around me all day; that is what I want!

The Jaffle Sisters


Is it a sandwich? Is it a sandwich? No ... .. It's a Jaffle! A WHAT? A Jaffle. A kind of combination between a sandwich, a pizza and a pastry. You recognize a Jaffle on the sealed edges, where the bread forms a rounded jacket around the fresh ingredients. This toasted sandwich comes originally from Australia and is still very popular there. During camping trips, Aussies hang traditional jaffle irons over a campfire. The iron seals the sandwich, after which the ingredients melt and melt inside the sandwich. Yummy!

Tante Ans


Aunt Ansrijdt in a MGC, camper van 1986. The camper is a chalk camper, children can draw on it. At Tante Ans quality is of paramount importance. They work as much as possible with organic and / or fair-trade products. The tastiest pancakes with powdered sugar, syrup, chocolate spread, coconut, raisins, honey, banana, apple, cheese, bacon. What a choice!

de CaterSaar

An assortment of good food

Make plates full of love, fun and a lot of good food, with great care and attention for the entire experience!

Plantage Onverwacht, Moelijk & Woksteady Crew

Surinamese & Asian Wok

They are coming this year! Moelijk and the Wok Steady Crew. Moelijk is the Surinamese flagship of Plantage Onverwacht. The construction of the cart is based on the colonial houses of Suriname and the bird song competitions which is a big part of the Surinamese culture. ``The Wok Steady Crew`` The WSC is inspired by the Asian guy carts, with the name of course already praised gives, the beginning of the hip hop period from the Bronx. The main and most important element of the W.S.C. is Vers! Everything that is prepared from De W.S.C. get woken up alla minute.

Sgt. Pepper

Indian Food

Hi, we are Robbie and Manon Schouten. After having worked in an Indian restaurant for five years and widening our culinary horizons in Asia for seven months, we fell in love with Indian cuisine. We want to share this love and passion with other people through our food truck.

Sergeant Pepper makes Indian food with his own twist. How do we do that? We make everything ourselves, from spicemix to pickle, from curry to kulfi. We only work with fresh ingredients and preferably with fair & seasonal products.

We are proud of our bus, a Fiat Ducato camper that we have completely converted ourselves into mobile kitchen. That was a tough job, but we know what to do with it!

More to come!