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Once a year Surfana Festival takes place in the Dutch national park of the Kennemerduinen. Surf minded people from all around the world come together to feel a unique blend of music, clinics, food, arts and love. An ultimate experience in which you deeply connect with nature and each other. Something, we think, softly touches the essence of our existence.

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In order to spend a night at the festival you will require a WEEKEND TICKET. Multiple day tickets or Passe partout do not grant access to the sleeping area.


Important ticket information!

We changed the ticket set-up compared to last years edition, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

*In order to spend a night at the festival at any point over the festival weekend you will require a Full Weekend Ticket.*

Weekend tickets

*Full Weekend + sleeping ticket (€107,50 , €117,50 or €127,50)
– Gives 1 person access to all days and nights of the festival + access to the campsite. This ticket excludes campervan or other fancy accommodation option. Earlybirds will have the cheapest tickets ofcourse

*Full Weekend sleeping ticket Kids (€35,-)
– Gives 1 child 3 – 13 years old access to all days and nights of the festival + access to the campsite.

Campervan ticket (€160,-)
– Provides you with a weekend ticket + campervan sticker that gives you the right to park your campervan on the campsite. Each person staying in a campervan needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. There is a maximum of 4 people that can stay in one campervan. No trailers allowed.

Passe partout (€85,-)
– Access to all days of the festival – without campsite/sleeping access. So basically daytickets for the whole weekend, with a discount. With a Passe partout you are only allowed to the festival terrain during opening hours.

*This year you don’t have to buy a tent ticket. Full Weekend tickets allow for access to camping and setting up of your own camp.


Friday ticket (€27,50)
– Access to the festival on Friday 8th of June, from 09:00 until 00:00.
Saturday ticket (€47,50)
– Access to the festival on Saturday 9th of June, from 09:00 until 00:00.
Sunday ticket (€27,50)
– Access to the festival on Sunday 10th of June, from 09:00 until 00:00.

Each ticket comes with a €1.50 euro service charge. All tickets are tax inclusive.

We remain the right to refuse people that misbehave or don’t respect campsite or festival policies.

View our Terms & Conditions HERE

Why did we change dates?

We Changed Dates So We Can All Be Together!
This year we decided to shakes things up a little bit and moved the festival from June to September. As you may know Surfana isn’t just a festival, we’re a big family revolving surfing and surf culture. We’ve got surf schools, camps, a hostel, surf trips and more all throughout the Summer months.

Moving the festival means we can celebrate the last sunsets of our Summer journey together with everybody who joined us at the camps, surfed and danced with us during the season, and close off the season with one big celebration!

We apologise if this has caused a muddle in your year plans and hope that we’ll be able to see all of your beautiful faces come September this year.

Minimum age?

The minimum age to gain access to the festival is 18 years.
Teenagers and kids under 18 are welcome if accompanied by an adult rightful parent or guardian. Friends/siblings above 18 do not count in this case and we will be checking ID’s at the check in/entrance.
So be aware: people under 18 that would like to come to the festival with friends that are above 18 will be refused.

Can I bring my kids?

Sure! You can bring your little ones up to 3 years old for free. Kids up to 13 years old that stay the weekend need a kids weekend ticket (€35,-). Kids up to 13 that don’t overnight can join the festival for free (with a max of 2 per parent/guardian).

Are The Clinics Included In the Price?

Some of the clinics and vibes are free, however most of them will cost you a little fee.

Parking / Camper Vans

A limited amount of camper van and parking tickets for regular vehicles will be released. This will allow you to park your vehicle on the festival camping grounds making life that much easier! There is also a shuttle lifting to the festival and back from the parking at Ice Rink Haarlem.

Parking Tickets €30-

Parking tickets for regular vehicles are available from the 28th of April @ 12:00. These are not to be confused with camper van tickets. Parking tickets = Regular vehicle | Camper van ticket = Camper van.

If you’re young, fit, healthy with no kids; coming to the festival alone or with limited baggage. Please consider that there are single parents with one or multiple children who would benefit from this more so than you.

To park your car at the festival you need a PARKING TICKET. This means you can bring your car into the festival camping area and park it next to your camp!

Camper Van Tickets 

Provides you with a camper van sticker that gives you the right to park your camper van on the campsite. Each person staying in a camper van needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. There is a maximum of 4 people that can stay in one camper van. No trailers allowed.


In 2019 we’re having a wide range of beautiful accommodations available. From budget to luxury options. You can find the link in the ticket system.

Getting to the festival by public transport

We strongly advise everyone to get to Surfana Festival by public transport as parking spaces are expensive and besides; getting to the festival by public transport is easy & green!

To the festival

Take the train to either Haarlem CS or Zandvoort aan Zee and from there hop on the bus 81 for a short ride to the bus stop: “De Lakens”.

Back home from the festival

Take bus 81 back to the station of your choice. There are no night busses. Last bus towards Haarlem runs on week days at 00.00 and in the weekend at 00.30.

Missed the bus? Take an Uber or taxi.
To make things even easier, use the following OV9292 app.

Check or take and Uber to the festival.
Another option is

Can I bring my dog or any other pets?

No, the camping has a strict policy which doesn’t allow dogs or other pets.

How do I stay up to date?

Like Surfana, join the the 2019 event on Facebook.

I want to write about the festival (press)

Awesome! You can find our press kit HERE. The password is Choosethegoodlife. If you have more questions please contact Let us also know when you published it. We love that. Thanks!

From who do I buy my ticket? (legal)

You buy your ticket from : Surfana Foundation – we’re incorporated at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by the number 70636737.

Please send invoices digitally to

Our office (bezoek adres):
Raadhuisplein 6A
2042 LR Zandvoort

Our postal adress:
Postbus 1000
t.a.v. Box A34
2260BA Leidschendam

Check our terms and conditions here

Ticketing Support

For all questions regarding the ticketing or payment system, please contact Stager support or check up on their FAQs.

Any questions regarding a ticket refund or general information regarding tickets; please contact the Surfana Team via the contact form HERE.

What is Surfana festival?

Surfana is a surf and goodlife collective founded in the summer of 2007. It started as a surfschool in Zandvoort but soon a second surfschool in Vlieland, a camp in Bloemendaal and an intimite surftrip company joined the collective.

It is our philosophy to live happily, to enjoy life to the utmost – and to share our lifestyle with others. Our success is simply based on a combination of surf and sport activities on the one hand, and a healthy lifestyle around nature on the other. Located near the beach and the beautiful dunes of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, here people will be able to enjoy a simple lifestyle among other people who share that same vibe!

In 2013 we decided to create an event that reflects the whole Surfana ideology. Surfana Festival was born. Here we’ve brought together al our love and passion into a one-weekend experience of pure goodlife.. It is a festival to celebrate our lifestyle but also to inspire more people to choose a life based on happiness instead of work.

About Surfana

Surfana is a surf and goodlife collective founded in the summer of 2007. The motivation of the collective is based on a desire to live a life based on love, passion and freedom. This goodlife ideology soon took flight which resulted in more members & several surf schools, camps and surf trips around the world. In 2013 it was time to celebrate and the first official Surfana Festival edition became a fact! More info about Surfana at