A Flashback to Surfana Festival 2018

As we count down to Surfana Festival 2019 we thought it may be a good idea to host a couple flashbacks to Surfana Festival 2018.

With ticket sales just around the corner we can already feel the memories and nerves coming back in anticipation for what we’ve got lined up for 2019. Needless to say 2018 was our best Surfana Festival yet but that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels for 2019. What you see below are what we feel were some of the best moments of 2018. Enjoy!

Surfana Festival 2019

A Proposal

Where better to get hitched than the place where so many memories have been made? These friends of the festival chose a perfect moment to make a life long decision. On Saturday evening, before the night time festivities began, a knee was dropped and a question was asked. The rest will be history…

Watch Out!

Somersaults and drama as these guys cascaded over the festival grounds. Spectacular, Spectacular!

Saying Goodbye

And just as we weren’t ready to go home, Sean Koch gave the most amazing closing set beneath the last of the weekends sun. I know this was a personal highlight for many. That light, that music, those people… wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Obviously there were a whole lot more memories made. Someone once said a picture says a thousand words, well here’s a whole album!

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